Our Story

As competitive dancers for more than sixteen years, we understand how dance brings meaning and joy to so many. Dance provides an escape from life's problems, whether big or small, and the confidence to rise above challenges. At the time, we thought that having a costume, the right dance leotard and shoes were routine. What we didn't realize was how lucky we were to have dance lessons, costumes and a chance to perform.  After performing in multiple recitals and competitions, we wondered what happens to all the costumes and dance shoes and outfits, and does everyone have this opportunity? These costumes made us feel special and significant, so after each performance why did we shove these costumes in a bag in the back of our closets when so many others could use them? As a result of our curiosity, From Our Hearts to Your Toes was born.


It started with a simple question and we quickly realized we could share our dance with so many others, and bring a smile to their face.


- Allie and Amanda Milberg


Our Mission Statement:

 Bring smiles, uplift spirits, and build confidence by collecting, donating, and distributing gently used costumes and shoes to dance programs serving children in challenging environments


All photography provided by From Our Hearts To Your Toes